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“WOW! Organizing with Lisa was beyond my wildest dreams and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Also, I didn’t even have to lift a finger or participate! Amazing!”

— Amy B

Depressed, Anxious over unorganized area

If you feel...

Like you’re drowning in clutter
with no time to fix it…

Stressed by stuff, but can’t figure out how to organize it all…

Sick of organizing systems you
just can’t maintain!

Happy, satisfied customer

I can help...

Your home feel calm, joyful, and relaxing…

You know exactly where to find what you need every time…

Your organizing system be a
snap to maintain!

SOS! Go from Stress to Ease FAST

Slide the bar to see the transformation!

Dysfunctional extra closet turned into a usable craft space
Chaotic toy room functional and organized toy room

Pantry • Playroom • Office • Mudroom • Living Room • Bedrooms • Closets and More!

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What's your Organizational Style Type?

Stop struggling with systems that try to force-fit you into someone else’s style!

Take my 10-question quiz and discover the secret to YOUR style…

I'm Lisa Menees,

the answer to your S.O.S.

Your Systems Expert:

I design systems around you, turning your home into a haven where your days run more smoothly, and your life is easier with more room for joy.

The Speed of a Pro:

My collaborative, coach-style approach and years of practice help me transform spaces faster than you’d imagine (especially vs. attempts you may have made solo).

Simplify-Your-Life Coach:

There’s no right or wrong way to live – only what serves you and your family! My aim as an organizing pro is to free you from the weight of STUFF, so you feel pure joy in your home and life!

Getting the results you want is as easy as 1-2-3!

Organizing Step 1


We will work together to help you keep what you need, use, and love, and let go of what you don’t, overcoming any mental blocks you may be facing along the way.

Organizing Step 2


SOS by Lisa will maximize your space and categorize your items in a way that best matches your family’s needs, habits, and routines….without you having to lift a finger!


When complete, your home will be transformed into the functional, sustainable and PEACEFUL space you’ve been wanting and needing!

Happy, satisfied customer

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Happy, satisfied customer

Still not sure? Check out these Statistics!

Americans collectively spend $2.7 billion every year replacing items they can’t find.

Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework for the average home.

Americans collectively spend $154 billion annually on storage facilities.

The average person spends 1 year of their life searching for misplaced items.

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