How Does Virtual Organizing Work?


These are strange days indeed.  With the introduction of Covid-19 we have all been tasked with adjusting to a “new normal”.  One that requires almost everything to be done online.  Thank goodness we have the technology to make it possible to work remotely, shop, socialize, etc!  More and more businesses are trying to find ways to help its customers virtually, and home organization is no exception.

So we are all “stuck inside”, many of us still working, but for a lot of us the workload is different, lighter.  We aren’t able to go out of an evening, and there is no more shuffling kids to dance and soccer practice.  What does all of this mean?  We have extra time on our hands, and we are stuck in our homes with it.  Many of you may be looking around your home and noticing several rooms, spaces or areas you would love to improve, but you just don’t know where to start.  You would love to hire a professional organizer, but that’s just not an option right now, right?

Wrong.  It is still possible to hire professional organizers to help you with your home.  Like everything else these days, it will just look a little different.  So let me explain  how I am approaching virtual organization, and break it down for you, part by part.

The Consultation

Back in the old days when we weren’t quarantined, I would come to your house to assess your space.  I would talk to you about your needs, your goals for the space, what you’ve tried in the past, what has worked and what hasn’t, etc.  Then I would give you a fair estimate of the time required to organize your space.

Now, instead of coming to your home, we would still do all of the above-mentioned things virtually through a Zoom call.  Everything else about the consultation is exactly the same.

The Work Session

This is where you will see the biggest difference, but this is still a very viable option, and quite possibly a more affordable one for you.  Let me explain:

Before, I would come to your home and we would work together sorting through your space piece by piece.  I would help you decide what to keep, what to donate, etc, and I would walk you through any of the mental blocks that come up to help you figure out what is truly important to you.  I would help you bag up items to leave the house, and I would organize the remaining things based on your space, routines and needs.  A work session is typically 4 hours per day, some projects taking several days to complete.

Nowadays, we will start with a 1 hour work session via Zoom; an hour that can be broken up however you prefer.  I can be on the call with you for the full hour helping you sort your items, and talking you through the mental blocks that come up.  I can then suggest to you where and how to put your items back in your space to maximize space and function.  We can then add additional hours until the project is complete.


We can break up the hour into 15 minute chunks where we map out a plan.  Then you, on your own, go through your things, sort them out into piles of what to keep, what to donate, and what you’re unsure about.  Later, at a pre-determined time (for accountability) we meet back up on Zoom to check the progress, talk about any items you were unsure about, and make the next plan.  We will keep working this way in 15 minute chunks until the space is organized to your satisfaction and the project is complete.

The Benefits

By working together virtually, you may very well be able to get 4 hours worth of organizing done for the cost of only ONE HOUR of my time.  That is a big savings for you!  Some projects may take longer than one hour, but you are still getting many more hours of organizing done for far less money.

Another benefit: you work at your pace.  You have the freedom to take as much or as little time as you need to work on your space.  You don’t have to feel rushed because you have an organizer in your home, and you feel the pressure to get as much done as possible in the 4 hours.

Third benefit: you can organize in your pajamas. BOOM.

This all makes virtual organizing a WIN-WIN situation.  You get your rooms or spaces organized while you are home, in your pajamas for a fraction of the cost of in-home organization.  If you are still unsure and would like more information, I offer a FREE 15 minute discovery call where we can talk a little more about the process.  You can schedule everything: discovery call, consultation, work session, etc on my website here.

As I said, these are very strange days indeed.  We are restricted to our homes for the foreseeable future.  However, this doesn’t have to be a miserable time.  We are safe (hopefully) with family, and we are going to make this “new normal” work until the virus subsides.  Why not make your home a space you are happy to be stuck in?  Why not use some of this extra time you have to tackle the projects you’ve been putting off until you had more time?  Why not make the best of this crazy situation?

I’m here to help whenever you’re ready.

Happy Organizing!





SOS by Lisa | Professional Organizer, Home Organizer
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