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Browse through some recent projects to see the difference decluttering and organization can make! See what clients had to say about their home organization experience – how getting organized created functional and peaceful spaces, and changed their lives!

Organized Master Closet


Dysfunctional closet
Dysfunctional closet
Cluttered and messy closet

This closet had gotten away from my client and caused her anxiety and stress every time she entered.


functional master closet
Organized closet space
Functional and organized closet

By clearing out and categorizing by sleeve length this closet is peaceful instead of stressful!

“Lisa helped with many areas of our house. After years of feeling overwhelmed, I finally decided to get help and couldn’t be happier I did. Lisa helped with organization systems and came up with great ideas for each space. She also worked on our kids’ rooms which has greatly helped in knowing where things go when it’s time to cleanup. I highly recommend SOS by Lisa!” 

~Jennifer D.

Peaceful closet


disorganized closet
closet jam packed with clothes

This client couldn’t find anything in her closet, and had forgotten about much of what she had.

Way too much stuff in not enough space made this closet inefficient and impractical.


beautifully organized closet
beautifully organized master closet

Purging and color coordinating now makes it so much easier for her to find what she’s looking for!

By purging and storing some things elsewhere, this closet is now serving its owner in a much more functional way!

“Lisa came to our house twice and did an awesome job organizing what could only be described as a hot mess. She taught me how to organize my stuff and how to let stuff go. Highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for help with organizing even the most awful mess. She is the best!” 

~Wendie R.

Functional Kitchen Pantry


Cluttered Pantry
Disorganized messy pantry

This pantry was visually overwhelming for the homeowner.

In this pantry, the deep dark corners made it hard to see and easy to lose things. Also, a gluten allergy made it difficult to keep things separate.


Organized Pantry with functional containers
Organized pantry with functional containers
organized and clear pantry

Opaque containers provided the clean, streamlined look she was going for! NOTE: these may not be ideal for an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of person.

By adding turntables in the corners, we maximized visibility and accessibility! And a separate shelf for GF foods means no more confusion!

“Lisa worked a miracle for us!! Not only did she organize, but she did so in such a way that it has been incredibly easy for my husband and I to continue to keep up!!”

~Jen C.

Organized Cabinets


Cluttered Disorganized Kitchen Cabinet
Chaotic tupperware cabinet
Disorganized bathroom cabinet

The dreaded Tupperware cabinet!

A mishmash of beauty products all thrown together.


Easy to use kitchen cabinet
Organized tupperware cabinet
Organized bathroom cabinet

Tupperware is all corralled with matching lids within reach!

By categorizing, containing and labeling, she now knows what she has and where to find it!

“Lisa is professional, efficient and patient. Two years later, the organizational systems she helped put in place are still in use on a daily basis. When I was sourcing a professional organizer, she was the quickest to respond and had a very competitive hourly rate. Highly recommend!”

~Rachel C.

Practical and Functional Kid's Space


Disorganized kid's closet
Cluttered kid's room

It’s so hard to keep separate the kids clothes that fit now, the ones they’ve grown out of, and the ones they have yet to grow into.


Organized and functional child's bedroom
Clearly organized kid's space

All separated and in order so everyone knows what fits now, and where to look when things get a bit snug!

“Lisa helped organize my master bedroom closet. She provided rational support when going through clothes that I no longer wear but had a hard time giving away. My closet looked amazing and still looks perfect many months later. I highly recommend Lisa’s services. Everyone wants to be organized but it can be hard to get started. Lisa is the perfect person to help declutter your life.”

~Rebecca M.

Organized play space


Chaotic toy room
Messy play space

Play rooms can be so overwhelming for kiddos, and so hard to keep organized for parents.


functional and organized toy room
functional and organized play space
functional play space

By paring down and rotating toys, the play room becomes much more manageable. Clear labels help kids know where to put things when it’s time to clean up!

“If you’re concerned about feeling shame or guilt because you need help and find yourself overwhelmed, DO NOT DESPAIR. Lisa is kind, low-key, helpful and works with you to tackle clutter. Her organizing skills are second to NONE! I was amazed at how much we accomplished in the package I purchased. My advice: if you’re on the fence about hiring a professional organizer – love yourself and DO IT!”

~Tracey P.

Functional Home Office


Disorganized and cluttered office
Distracting office space
Cluttered and disorganized work space

Having a functional and efficient work area was critical for this client.


organized work space

She can now breathe in her work space and get the job done!

“I can’t thank Lisa enough for her help in organizing my kitchen! She helped me make decisions without putting pressure on me to get rid of things, which is what I feared. I will now be able to find items that I forgot I had. I didn’t realize I had so many duplicates and sometimes triplicates of the same things!”

~Ruth H.

Space you can finally use again


Cluttered spare bedroom

This spare bedroom had become a dumping ground.

She dreamed of being able to use her dining room again one day.

This client had dreamed of having a quiet, secluded space for crafting and gift wrapping away from kiddos. 🙂


organized and functional spare bedroom
clean and clear dining room
Dysfunctional extra closet turned into a usable craft space

Now it’s the perfect place for working out, meditation or hosting guests!

She can finally enjoy a meal with her family in her dining room!


“Lisa was just the help that I needed to motivate me to tackle years of collection in my closet. She made it easy to make some of those tough ‘keep or toss’ decisions!”

~Julie D.

a garage you can actually park your car in


Dysfunctional woodworking space
Cluttered garage space

This family wanted to be able to park at least 1 car in their garage… (which 75% of people CANNOT do!)

A woodworking hobby had taken over the garage.


Organized and functional garage

Mission accomplished!

By creating zones and using storage with wheels he can enjoy woodworking while the kids can still get to their bikes and toys!

“Lisa helped me organize my garage. We were more productive in 2 sessions than I had been in 8 months! She was thorough, helpful, courteous and efficient. I was able to accomplish my goal of parking my car in the garage!”

~Tish H.

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