Tips for Managing Your Kids’ School Papers and Projects

Summer is a great time for backyard barbecues, pool parties, and camping trips. It’s also the perfect time for managing your kids’ school papers and projects.  After all, you don’t want them adding a NEW school year’s worth of paraphernalia to the old, do you?

The steps listed below will help you decide what’s most important, so you’ll feel ready to let go of the rest. Then you’ll decide how you want to store those treasured keepsakes. By setting up a system that works for you, the new school year will feel more organized and less chaotic.

Selecting Those ‘Special’ Pieces to Keep

Get choosy. You may feel sentimental about all the artwork your child brought home, but do you really need to keep 15 finger paintings? Why not ask your child to help you choose one or two favorites? They may attach a special meaning to a particular painting that will make it an extra special keepsake.

Working with your child to choose keepsakes will add another layer of special memories to the pieces you keep. It may also help you when it comes to letting go. After all, if your child doesn’t want to keep it, why would you?

You’re actually not obligated to keep anything. Getting rid of ‘stuff’ doesn’t make you a bad parent — especially if your child isn’t interested either. Instead of treasuring potential clutter, treasure the memories that you and your child make together. They’re far more rewarding than any number of finger paintings!

Edit Older School Papers and Projects as You Go

As you’re sorting through this year’s work, look back through your previous years’ collection. Are there things in there that no longer feel so special? It’s okay to let them go in favor of newer, even more memorable pieces. Remember, there are probably still a lot of years of school ahead for you and your child. Make sure you have room for each year’s special memories in your collection.

Choose Your Method of Storage

You’ll want to choose a method that you’ll actually be able to keep up with regularly. If a method is too complicated, you might find yourself avoiding it rather than using it!

Does One of These Methods Fit Your Organizing Style? 

Tips for Organizing Kids Papers

  • Personalize a 3-ring binder for each child. Store their papers and art projects in sheet protectors within the binder. Larger, or 3-dimensional artwork can be photographed and the photos stored in the binder.
  • File those papers and photographs. Again, use a separate file for each child. You might actually want two files per child – one for schoolwork, report cards, etc., and the second for their art masterpieces.
  • Plastic tubs are a parent’s best friend! Put each child’s papers and projects in a separate tub. Limit yourself to a single tub per child, so you aren’t tempted to keep everything.
  • Create digital scrapbooks for your children. You’ll be able to store even the largest art or science fair project in a small amount of space when you go digital.

Whatever method you choose, limit yourself to a finite amount of storage space. If you don’t set reasonable limits, you’ll likely find yourself inundated by the time they graduate!

Could You Use Some Help with Managing Your Kids’ School Papers and Projects? 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with managing your kids’ school papers and projects — a year’s worth of memories is hard to let go of, for both of you. It’s even worse when you have multiple children who are all bringing stuff home!

Fortunately, there’s expert help on the horizon. Simply schedule a phone call with us and our team of organizational geniuses will come to your rescue. You can also browse our selection of organizing essentials for ideas on how to reclaim your space!

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