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Make the Most of Your Organizational Style Type

Below, tap on the type that matches your results to learn a little about what makes you tick.

Then scroll down for 2 easy ways to get help with organization. 

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As a Detailed Functional, you prefer function over form.

When everything has a place, necessary items are easily within reach, labeled, and you can clearly see what you have, that’s your happy place. 

When organizing, consider these fundamentals that will help you feel more ease:

  • Everything has a specific place, and items are both visible and accessible.
  • Choose clear bins so you can see exactly what you have.
  • Items are separated into clear and specific categories.
  • Clearly label your bins, with plenty of detail.
  • Aim for smaller bins,  more specific to the size of items being stored.

Items tidy but hidden away

As a Detailed Aesthetic, you prefer neat & accessible.

Flow and ease for you means items are neatly organized, by category. When “stuff” is out of sight, with a clean look, and still accessible, life feels sweeter.

When organizing, consider these fundamentals that will help you feel more ease:

  • Everything has a specific place; items are easy to access.
  • Choose opaque bins to create a cleaner, more uniform look.
  • Items are separated into specific categories.
  • Clearly label your bins by category.
  • Aim for smaller bins, more specific to the size of items being stored.

As a Simply Functional, you love smooth systems.

You thrive when organization is fast and easy, with broadly categorized areas or containers. How things look is less critical than a smooth working system.

When organizing, consider these fundamentals that will help you feel more ease:

  • Your items are stored in ways that are visible and easily accessible.
  • Choose clear bins to see exactly what you have.
  • Group items in storage containers under broader categories for easier and quicker clean up.
  • Clearly label bins by category, using more general terms.
  • Larger, more generalized bins, are okay for you.

As a Simply Aesthetic, you prefer form over function. 

You feel happiest when stuff is out of sight, giving a clean look. Organization isn’t much of a priority for you (but it’d be nice to waste less time and money).

When organizing, consider these fundamentals that will help you feel more ease:

  • Your items are hidden away, and need to be quick to clean up.
  • Choose opaque bins to hide clutter and give a clean, uniform look.
  • Items are stored somewhere near where they’re used,  rather than by specific categories.
  • Use general, broad labels (if any).
  • Larger, more generalized bins are best for you.

Now let’s put your Organizational Style to work for you!

Lisa in the kitchen

Here’s a secret: people often think organizing is just a matter of choosing some pretty bins and then using willpower to train yourself to shove new stuff into them. It’s not!

Organization is first and foremost about creating a process that helps you function — and thrive. It’s about 

  • making it easier to get through you day,
  • eliminating the continual problem-solving and frustration, 
  • avoiding the wasted time, money and mental energy that can sap joy from life.
When I work with clients, we go way beyond the 10 questions you just answered in order to create totally customized solutions that work for you, your family, your life!

Simplify the flow of your home & life

2 Options to Make it EASY!

Are you a DIY Diva?

Choose the DIY Master Class

Packed with checklists, strategies and tips to guide you step-by-step through creating the perfect organization system for you and your family. 


  • A full 15-piece self-coaching toolkit with checklists and simple to follow, yet detailed, explanations for how to organize ALL the spaces in your home
  • 11 in-depth tutorial videos show you with examples and step-by-step tips, how to tackle every room in your home — even kid spaces, garages, and offices!
  • PLUS, a private Facebook group where you can get input and learn more tips ‘n tricks for creating the home you’ll love.

It’s the closest thing to having me do it for you!

And the complete set is just $99!

Video Toolkit contents

Wish you could get coaching too? Or don’t need a video? We’ve got those options too!

Learn more about all 3 DIY options.

Prefer it Done-For-You?

Choose In Person Professional Organizing

Whether you’re tired of figuring it out on your own, or just have no time or patience to put your closets and rooms together, I’m here to help. Side benefit: my experience means we get it done WAY faster too!


Step 1: Schedule a 15-min. chat to discuss your organizing wish list, style, and what you’ve tried before.

Step 2: Book a consultation to plan your project (in-person or virtually) and ensure the best results.

Step 3: Choose the spaces you want to transform. Quotes are customized to your needs. Our most popular combos are:

  • Simplify a Space or Two: e.g., a few closets, a pantry, a bedroom… includes 1 hour shopping service.
  • Key living spaces: varies based on your living style, but typically focuses on high-use spaces like kitchen, and living room or a playroom… includes 2 hours shopping service (+ haul away!)
  • Whole home: over a scheduled block of time, implement systems and style to create ease and joy throughout you home! Includes 3 hours shopping service (+ haul away).

Sustainable ease starts as low as $100/hr!

Lisa finishing a closet

Discover the difference it makes when you finally have a sustainable, easy-to-maintain system that works the way you do!

Schedule a 15-minute call with Lisa

Why Get Help from a Pro?

In a word: Results

"AMAZING! I can't say enough wonderful things about working with Lisa. She was so easy to work with, not judgemental (which I was super nervous about), and created tools and systems that I could maintain. But better than what she did for me as a client was what she did for me as a daughter! I gifted her services to my mother for Christmas last year and it was literally the best gift ever. If you are wondering what to give as a gift to a loved one, trust me when I say give a the gift of SOS by Lisa!!!"
Elaine B.

For many people, it’s just too difficult or too time consuming to figure out how to apply what they’ve learned. They get stuck in a loop, and never experience the results they long to have.

Don’t let this happen to you! 

Clients who I’ve helped report feeling: 

  • less irritable
  • more focused
  • happier
  • more present with their loved ones. 

They also tell me they have: 

  • extra time in their day, 
  • and spend less money since they can see what they have! 

And their systems are easier to maintain because they’re in sync with the family’s style.

Schedule a no-cost call, and let’s talk about creating more flow and ease in your home and life!

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