How to Store Your Tall Boots

What to Do With Your Tall Boots

I think this is a universal problem for most women in the winter months…. what do we do with all those cute tall boots?  We only wear them for a few months out of the year, and we have several different styles, colors, etc.  So how do we keep them from ending up in a cluttered pile in the middle of the closet?  Well, the solution isn’t universal.  It’s definitely dependent on your unique boot to closet ratio and your tolerance.  However, I will showcase a few of what I think are the most realistic options out there for you.  And bonus, all of these options avoid the slouching boot dilemma that causes the wrinkles in the leather.

So, where does one go for the most unique storage solution options?  The Container Store of course.  Because if the solution is out there, TCS has it.  You may be able to find cheaper options elsewhere, but for the ideas themselves, I went straight to the masters.

(all photos from The Container Store website:

Ok, first up, the boot rack, and any variations of the like.  This is a great option if you have the floor space for it.  Which therein lies the problem… most of us don’t have that much extra floor space just for the boots, but if you do, go for it.

Next, the boot hanger.  This is my favorite option as it is the most space saving.  If you can come up with just a few extra inches of hanging space, you can store several pairs of boots nicely.

The boot box is a good option if you have space on those top shelves we all typically have.  The issue there – how likely are you to put them back in the box and put the box up on the shelf every time you wear them?

Lastly, under-the-bed storage.  Self-explanatory, and always a good use of space if you have it.

So, why is this still an issue?  I’m no Sigmund Freud, but my best guess is that most of us coming home from work or an evening out are more likely to drop the boots on the floor rather than put them back in the box and on the shelf, etc.  You can buy all the latest, greatest closet organization solutions in the world, but the bottom line: if you don’t use it, it won’t work.  It comes down to tolerance and priorities.  If a pile of boots on your closet floor for a few months doesn’t bother you, then no worries.  If on the other hand, it drives you (and possibly whomever you share a closet with) crazy, then choose the system that you have the space for and are most likely to actually use.

Which leads us to the real issue… the biggest complaint from clients is that they don’t have any closet space at all.  No room for the clothes, let alone finding a slice of space for boot storage.  Well, my first question is when was the last time you went through your closet and purged any clothes you don’t wear any more?  Next question, how many pairs of boots do you have?  If you only have a few pairs of boots, the solution is easier to come by.  If you are a collector and connoisseur, then your problem is much bigger.  From there, it’s up to you.  If you really want boot storage, can you store more clothes in a drawer to free up some hanging space?  Are you willing to let some boots go?  Just like the clothes in the closet we need to go through the shoes/boots too to weed out the ones that are worn, out of style, etc.  Look at where you can shift things around to give you the space you need.

So the moral of the story…. boot organization is within your reach, if you’re willing to make the space for it and keep up with the maintenance.

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