3 Ways to Find More Time for Yourself

Enjoy more time for yourself

Want more time for yourself? Personal organizing expert, Lisa Menees shares 3 surprising ways you can do just that! Is the chaos of everyday life draining time you’d rather spend having fun with family, enjoying hobbies, or just reading a book in a quiet spot? You’re not alone! I hear this a lot.  Regardless of … Read more

How to Reduce Daily Stress – Part 2 – Organizing Systems

Organizing Systems for less stress

Overwhelmed by your stuff? Click here to find 5 tips for analyzing your lifestyle needs, and start creating home organizing systems for yourself. Last month we talked about How to Reduce Daily Stress by de-cluttering. Now you have an idea of how and why sorting and streamlining can help ease your stress levels. This month we … Read more

Day in the Life of a Professional Organizer

a Day in the life of a professional organizer

One thing’s for certain, a day in the life of a professional organizer is rarely the same as one that came before! Whether you’re thinking of working with an organizer, or just curious about organizing as a profession, this post pulls back the curtain for you! If you’ve ever wondered what an organizer does, and … Read more

Desktop Organization Tips & Clever Products

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff on your workspace, these desktop organization tips and products will help you breathe a sigh of relief! The other week a business owner called me, sounding stressed: “I can’t fight it any more: I need your help to fix my filing problem. It just took me two … Read more

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